Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist. — Kenneth E. Boulding (via andgatherer)

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November 24, 1957: John F. Kennedy on a potential political career for his children



Beauty Among The Ruins: See Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

Take a tour of the worlds apparently robust supply of empty castles, power plants, and churches—and witness the surprising grandeur of dilapidation.

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We must reach far beyond our life spans. We must think not as individuals, but as a species. We must confront the reality of interstellar traffic.



FINALLY: Israel accused of its warcrimes by members of parliament in the UK

"We should not equate the occupied with the occupier, we should not equate a refugee population of 1.7mil imprisoned in a tiny strip of land, with prison guards, we should not equate terrorists firing rockets with a supposedly "civilized" state systematically killing women, children, disabled and elderly people…If UK and other Western governments fail to discriminate between the actions of Hamas and israel, hundreds of Palestinian civilians will continue to die and the annexation of Palestine by israel will continue.”


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China has the fastest growing aging population in the world. By 2050, 437 million people — a third of the population — will be more than 60 years old. Millions more under-60 are already pensioners, due to China’s low retirement age. Currently, men working in the public sector finish work at 60, while female white collar workers retire at 55, and blue collar women stop work at the comparatively sprightly age of 50. A 2007 United Nations study estimated that in 2005 there were 16 retirees for every 100 workers in China. By 2025, the ratio will be 64 to 100. China has an old people problem. (via salon)
We have always been a nation of immigrants… who hate the newer immigrants. On the Republicans’ hatred of immigrant children coming to the U.S. hoping for a better life, JON STEWART, The Daily Show (via inothernews)


The FCC’s website to handle filing comments related to Net Neutrality has been overwhelmed with traffic and the submission deadline is being pushed back to July 18th @ midnight.

I thought I’d share the letter I signed on to from the Congressional Progressive Caucus asking the FCC to enact Net Neutrality rules and to protect the open internet.